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Nate Smoove: Bio

Nate Smoove - Songwriter/Producer


The words of his songs best describe the artist himself. Self assured and aware, passing on the wisdom of a life well lived. Shining a positive light on issues that affect us all. Prolific out of a necessity to write about life, and address the poignant issues of our ever changing situations as members of a complex modern society. This is not a seminar of right and wrong, more so, real thoughts on real issues presented in a musical setting that will make you want to move. Partake in a conversation that goes beyond pop culture slang and flavor of the week catch phrases. 

Open your heart & mind to the "Life Writer" that is NATE SMOOVE. Clean positive hip-hop mixed with a little Jazz, R & B, Gospel and even a touch of Rock. Forming a unique blend of a musical dish that could only be conjured up by this man from the "WHO DAT NATION" New Orleans.


Robbie Hunt - Guitarist/DJ/Singer/Songwriter

(Robb Dogg)


Guitarist, Songwriter, Singer, Wedding DJ, Karaoke Host, HUNT4MUSIC - All Things Musical. Channeling my influences without being obvious, staying current by not being out of touch. Music is a lifelong labor of love for me. All of the most important moments in my life are connected to a song, and capturing those moments into something new and original is what I believe all Songwriters are after.

Ron Cobb - Keyboards/Songwriter/Producer





Born Dec. 27, 1959 to the parents of Roy Hawkins and Precious Singleton.

 R. Hawkins Jr. an American pianist, songwriter, producer of gospel jazz and a gospel blues musician. Although playing in churches for 30 years, my training comes from my father’s up bringing. As he trained me with only one arm (he lost the use of the left) he was so skillful still. As a young man, I strived to learn music. I attended church services and begin playing for choirs at the age of 17 on the piano for many years. I received my degree at Eubanks Conservatory of Music and Arts in Los Angeles Ca. Presently I am working as a music producer, live musician, music instructor and a songwriter. So the gift that God gave me from my father’s styles and awesome skill will continue. Therefore, I am looking forward to touching my father’s musical fan base. I remember him for his greatness and now his legacy will live on.

 Ronald Cobb Hawkins Jr.    

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