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Nate Smoove: Guestbook

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Mr. Hicks

July 15, 2015

I got a bunch of free DL's from SoundCloud, needless 2 say... 'NateSmoove' Gets played through my speakers quite frequently. Keep it up my brother and God Bless You!!

Mr. Hicks - Port Hueneme, CA

john f. kimmel

July 27, 2014

From what I gather, your God given skills are being used wisely.


October 20, 2013

You tell it like it is, and I LOVE it!
Do you think we can hold on long enough and will there be enough people who are smart enough to vote for Ben Carson?


August 28, 2013

it's beautiful! mine is QUITE inferior @ RJJSTEPHAN.BLOGSPOT.COM

Pam Clifton

July 12, 2013

Love your music, also love New Orleans, come down there a couple times a year, no place like it in the world!

You are a super star role model, need to clone you a hundred time! Our country needs more guys like you. By the way, do you ever sing at any of the places in the French Quarter, I love House of Blues, Crazy Corner, Fat Katz, and cat's meow, Thank you for sharing your talent and good words!
Pam Indianapolis, Indiana

Patti King

December 8, 2012

Love you! Just watched your new video Freedom Fight and your right we have to get up, and keep fighting. Every word is exactly right and thanks for picking my spirits up and reminding me there are a whold lot of people out there who feel the same way! God Bless you!

Karen Allen

December 5, 2012

America needs more Nate Smooves - I believe he's what every young man in America should aspire to, and our country would be far better off with more men like him.


November 10, 2012

Very proud of you! Thank you for your wonderful work.

Foxholewit Nate

August 11, 2012

Would have you watching my back in a foxhole anyday my American brother!
Proud of you for being who you are!!!!
Gob bless my friend!!


August 7, 2012

Thanks for broadening my music, love, love your music.... @62, i'm still rockin...and truckin....thanks again.

charles keel

August 1, 2012

thank you from the south,keep doin what ya do


April 22, 2012

Awesome Music! Great lyrics and great beats, I hope more people will listen to it and learn from it!

Ilean Right

February 14, 2012


Kathleen D.

November 1, 2011

I find it encouraging when I feel down about what is going on. Music has always been a great stress reliever, and your music is relevant to what is a major stress in life today. Great lyrics and great beats, plus the encouragment for Christians plus some humor, good for me since I take things too seriously lol. Just wanted to say I think you do great work. I hope young people are hearing your message.


August 11, 2011

Your song is great and more needs to listen to it. Stick to your beliefs and God. God bless


July 28, 2011

Dear LORD gave u a great gift, thank u for sharing it. Your song came across my news feed on fb..u are on the prayer list

Ann Hansford

February 20, 2011

Thanks for your courage, words of wisdom, your service, and of course your cool music. God bless.

Pepper Puckett

September 29, 2010

I adore you! I wish I could use that song as my ringback!!

Lionel L. Noble

September 9, 2010

Say bruh this my first time on your site and I didn't know you rock like this. That song My Dad is a killer. You describe my lovable cousin to a T!! God Bless The Dead, he was a very, very funny man. I enjoyed talking to him as I was growing up.I wasn't in New Orleans when he passed, but my mother called and told me what happened. I was deeply sadden about losing one of the craziest cool ass cousin's that I have.

Elizabeth Vick

August 14, 2010

OMGosh !!!!!!!!!!! I want a cd of that and blast come voting time in November, and vote them a**holes outta here.. Great song Nate !!!!!!!!!!! Keep em coming !!!

Thomas Schmidt

August 13, 2010

Love the song, right to the point

Jim "Rightwing Cowboy" McMullen

August 10, 2010

I'm just a red neck country western guy, but I sure do love your music.


June 15, 2010

Hello, This is powerful and appealing. KEEP IT UP. YOU MAKE LIFE WORTHY. hi...

Robbie Hunt

March 13, 2010

Great website Nate. My honor to be a part of your musical universe.

Charles Benninghoff

March 9, 2010

Cool site, definitely in the groove.

Nate Smoove is too cool for words.

"Who the hell is Fica... tell me... I don't like her." Great stuff!