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Ron Cobb's New CD

This is R Cobb's Music Site to buy his Cd.

R. Cobb Hawkins: Release
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HUNT4MUSIC - All Things Musical.

Brittany A. Productions

A self started kid who keeps getting better with every song. A carefree style with classy delivery. This is Brittany's 1st solo album which was written and produced by her.

J-Fresh Cd

Cool melodic young kat with some fresh songs to rock your heads back and forth.

The Show Case Unsigned

CEO of World Wide Casting Ent. 
Ms. Adrienne D. Sams. My vision/goal is to create a strong and PROFITABLE market for UNSIGNED artist, so not only will unsigned artist's get recognized for their music they will also be sustained by it! My showcases are put on to help promote UNSIGNED Asrtists who are SERIOUS about their career! 

Macho Sauce Productions

Macho Sauce Productions was founded by AlfonZo RachelZo is presently with PAJAMAS MEDIA / PJTV, where he does rapid fire right wing rants in a show called ZoNation. 

Rufus Troutman Music

Rufus Troutman III is the nephew of R&B legend Roger Troutman and formally a member of ZAPP!

After giving his heart to Jesus in 1993, Rufus with the help of Roger mastered the original Troutman Talk Box sound. His music combines the dynamic funk that Roger & ZAPP! are celebrated for with the rhythm and praise of Gospel.

G.G. and Lee Gospel Tunes

If you like that southern old school gospel flavor with a modern contemporary sound, you're gonna love this Cd from GG and Lee. You won't be dissapointed. A must have for gospel lovers.

Ranger Self Defense